Discover how to prepare Moroccan Tea

There is no doubt that the Moroccan tea among the best drinks in the world.

When foreigners come to Morocco, the first thing they would like to taste it is a Moroccan tea .And I am delighted presenting them.

But in this article you will learn how to prepare it in your own home with your family.

It's easy to prepare.

Ingredients :

- Mint green.

- Green tea.

- Sugar as you want.

 Direction :

1- Heat water to boiling in a normal pitcher.

2- Soak Tea beads in a little water , 5 minutes and then pour water

3- Clean and remove the mint leaves for the roots, then put them in a pitcher and add the sugar on request

4- Add boiling water until the jug is full, place the jug over the fire to boilTea and takes its color , Then Turn the tea to mix sugar in a good way.

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