nutrition dinner-moroccan soup

nutrition dinner-moroccan soup.As we know, many looking for 
nutrition dinnerBecause the majority suffering from stomach pains during sleep, so people are looking for light nutrition  dinner.

Today you will learn how to prepare Moroccan soup easily.
Moroccan soup is one of delicious meals and health in worldwide.
When you try it , you will see that it tastes quite different from those that are in your home.
You can invite your friends to eat with them and Will they recognize that you are a professional cooker hhhh good.


                  nutrition dinner-moroccan soup ingredients :               

nutrition dinner

nutrition dinner



                       nutrition dinner-moroccan soup method :  

- firstly . Cook the vegetables.
- Keep in cooker :      
   spoon of butter     
   4 spoons of oil.           
   2 spoons of onions chopped.           
   add the meat.           
   spices with continuous stirring.
- Add 4 liters of water and close the cooker , then put them on the fire for 25 minutes.
- Open the cooker and add 1 kg of crushed tomatoes and  rice.
emptying the liquid boiled vegetables to the soup with continuous stirring.
- add little of Coriander and Parsley  

nutrition dinner

good appetite

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